Money Enables

It’s important not to underestimate the enabling power of money. Money is for more than the bare necessities. If you want to travel and see the world, you will need money for fare and accommodation. If you want to learn new skills or hone old ones, you will need money for tuition fees. If you want to enjoy the many conveniences that technology can offer, you will need money as well. To broaden your horizons and grow as a person, you need money.

Money enables growth. They say it takes money to make money. This is also true for personal progress; it takes money to grow as a person. You can access experiences or knowledge that can make you better. Whether it’s physical training from a fitness expert or access to an advanced academic course, you can get closer to your goals with money. Indeed, the barrier to most stimulating activities is the ability to pay for them. Without this purchasing power, it is easy to feel discouraged and not want to improve. Giving up becomes easy and that only leads to further self-destructive actions. In other words, lack of money can lead to stagnation or degradation of one’s self.

Complacency from having money can lead to the same issues too! It is ill-advised to earn lots of money and not use any of it for self-improvement. Money can solve many problems but not all. That’s where one’s abilities come into play. And money can help improve those in many ways. Always invest in one’s self. Because when money disappears (and it can), the self is what remains.

 Date: August 20, 2018
 Tags:  thoughts money

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