Windows Tips

Random Tips when using the Windows OS

Good Process

  • Use Windows (⊞) Key + Search Strings
    Instead of relying on memorization of spatial routes to programs, use the Windows key to search for and run your programs.
    For example, ⊞, “edit env”, Enter will bring up Environment Variables window without having to route through System Properties.

  • Use the Run Window
    Accessible with ⊞+R, this lets you Open files and folders with the added bonus of storing successful actions in a list that you can navigate through with the Up and Down keys.

  • Unclutter your Desktop
    Keep as few files as possible on your desktop. Ideally you would have the just the Recycle Bin and a folder of frequently used shortcuts.

Files and Folders

  • Avoid Spaces and Special Characters in names of files and especially folders.
  • Avoid using “Program Files” folders where possible and instead organize your programs by collective purpose at the root of your local drive
  • Avoid mixing folders and files i.e. keep files organized inside folders where possible

Useful Tools

  • WinDirStat
    A great utility for discovering what’s taking up all your disk space.
  • RapidEE
    Editing environment variables has improved in Windows 10 but RapidEE sports more useful features like identifying bad entries.
  • Absolute Uninstaller
    Batch uninstallation is still not possible, something sorely needed when installing Visual Studio dev tools.
  • 7Zip
    Superior compression and decompression. Compressed Folders tends to take forever in comparison.
  • Everything
    Windows Search is very unpredictable. With Everything, you can accurately search using operators, macros and even regex.
 Date: August 27, 2018
 Tags:  tips

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