Another NewGameEveryDay Quarterly Review

I’m still trying to play a new game every day! It’s been another 90 days of this activity. Let’s see the current results.

The stats are:

  • 181 days passed
  • 92 new games recorded (total of 186)
  • 4 days completely missed (total of 5)

Follow this link to see them all:

Montage of screenshots of 64 of the played games

As mentioned before, the activity is rather enjoyable and I’m learning a lot. Some of the titles I’ve played have challenged my notions of what games are and what games could be.

A couple of games have had me reconsidering the relationship between traversal and activity. Most of the time the two are intertwined but it doesn’t have to be. A shooter could have its shooting mode isolated from level traversal. Older JRPGs have done this for ages but what would it look like if play mechanics in other genres lived in different exclusive states. What would a platformer look like if we separate its typical jumping tests from navigating the level? It’s fun to think about!

Another fascinating idea was exporting play data from games. I played a game that exported a comic based on your gameplay which was mind blowing to me. Most game products are stingy with output; the best you can do is screen capture or play statistics. Imagine being able to take your journey in a long RPG and on completion, you get a book recounting your adventures! Thinking about it, I did work on a game that let you export your custom character for t-shirt printing. So it’s possible, there are precedents. I would love to see more of this.

I consider myself very fortunate to be able to experience such a variety of creations and enrich myself as part of the process. Here’s hoping for fewer misses and I’ll see you in three months!