Rebinding Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a nice rogue-like metroidvania game with great remapping options. Below is the default input scheme.
Button configuration of Dead Cells (default)
It works but I felt the following modifications made for a better experience.

Rebind Roll from Circle to R1

You’ll need to attack and evade a lot in this game. The default configuration means that you’ll need to keep switching your right thumb placements to do these actions. This can be partially avoided by moving the Roll action to a shoulder button. This way your right index finger can rest on Roll while your right thumb can handle jumping and attacking. This also ensures you can easily Roll after a Jump (or Double-Jump) for better platforming motions.

Rebind Secondary Weapon from Triangle to L1

However, there are two attack buttons and rapid thumb re-positioning is still necessary. We can reduce this further by moving the Secondary Weapon button to the left shoulder button. This way, the right thumb can focus on just one attack while the left index finger can handle the other.

I often designated melee weapons to the primary slot so I could mash the face button for close combat combos. And I would add ranged weapons or shields to the other slot when possible to keep attacks compartmentalized. Holding L1 to pull up the shield feels better than holding Triangle also.

Fix the Displaced Actions

With the above changes, the thumbs can control movement and primary attack while the index fingers can handle secondary attack and evasion. These critical time-sensitive actions now have a unique digit assigned to them and the amount of needed finger athletics has been minimized.

The only thing left to do is fix the default actions that were affected.

  • Assign Interact to the Circle Button.
  • Assign Heal to the Triangle button.
    • Holding it down to heal is a little reminiscent of Souls-like games.

The final configuration I used looks like:

Contains button rebinding

 Date: September 20, 2018
 Tags:  game inputs rebinding

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