Cash and Confidence

In the movie Wanted (2008), Wesley Gibson is a self-proclaimed loser who’s abused at work. He discovers he is an heir to superhuman abilities and a vast fortune. While it takes him time to come to terms with his powers, he is immediately affected by his bank balance. His financial struggles are over and he feels immense joy and relief. He finally grows a spine and tells his abusive boss off in front of the whole office (and quits)!
Protagonist sees bank account
Money is power. But power is not always active; it can be passive. As artfully depicted in Wanted, having money can grant confidence. Money can give you the necessary backbone to stand up to various obstacles.

Cash in the pocket can quell small fears and anxiety. Once, I was afraid to ride a motorcycle for fear of hospital bills if I were to get into an accident. With money and thus good insurance, these fears disappeared. Yes, I could still get injured but now I can afford the medical treatment to handle it; one less thing to worry about! Now I can focus on riding safely - to avoid accidents in the first place.

There are many such illustrations. You can leave a bad or abusive workplace if you have enough money to weather you through to the next job. Having such a nest egg can also quell the fear of unexpected job loss. With such security, you can even stand up to workplace abuses. You can try to fix such issues and thus perform better. Like a reverse-downward-spiral, money sets you up for more success…and more money.

And it’s not always about job security. You can hire a lawyer to deal with tricky social or business situations. You can hire a bodyguard to protect yourself from dangers. You can hire an advisor or consultant to tackle any issues you face.

Money destroys irrational fears; this can bring relief and comfort. With a safety fund, you can face the world with the confidence knowing you are (or can be) equipped to handle any problems that come your way.

 Date: September 13, 2018
 Tags:  thoughts money

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