The NewGameEveryDay Quarterly Review

I’m trying to play a new game every single day this year. It’s been 90 days of this activity. Let’s see how I’ve fared.

The stats are:

  • 90 days passed
  • 94 new games recorded
  • 1 day completely missed

Follow this link to see them all:

Montage of screenshots of a handful of played games

Attempting to do something consistently every day can be a chore. And yet, I’m enjoying this activity. A reason could be that the intent is different from how I typically play games. Typically, my intention with games is to experience them until I accomplish some personalized goal. Examples include finishing the main campaign or unlocking some achievements. However, for these daily games, the intent is to just simply play them for a short duration like an hour or two.

I’m essentially sampling them with the intent to learn and write a few words about the game. There are a few titles that I’ve continued to play after but most games are played once and uninstalled right after. Then I head over to cohost and type up a snippet, attach a screenshot and post it.

This exercise of trying out a new title and writing some sentences about my short experience is stimulating. It forces me to evaluate the game in a way I won’t normally do. This leads to new findings and other discoveries which is always exciting. I will continue this activity and hopefully miss no more days. See you next quarter!