Ink at a Glance

At a Glance

Ink is used for branching story structures. There are many fancy terms employed in its documentation. Here’s some basics.

Presenting a Choice

-> Entry
=== Entry ===
There's a policeman here.
* "What's the guy's name?" -> AskName
* "What's the risk level?" -> AskRisk

It’s best to use Knots (sections of text) as much as possible. In the above, Entry, ~AskName and ~AskRisk are Knots.

  • Use == or === to define a Knot
  • Use * to define a possible choice
  • Use -> to go to a Knot

Short Branches

~ temp show_like = "Gundam"
Do you like Gundam or Macross?
* Gundam pls
* Macross pls.
    ~ show_like = "Macross"
-I really liked { show_like == "Gundam" : Season 1 | Season 2 } of { show_like }

Sometimes you need quick reactions to decisions. Temporary variables are the way to go.

 Date: September 10, 2018
 Tags:  visualnovels ink

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