C++ Implicit Conversions

C++ is strongly typed. However it’s worth noting that some conversions happen automatically. These implicit conversions are usually seen with with primitive data types (but not only, more on that here!). A common example is pointer checks. Such conversions are called Standard Conversions.

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Rebinding Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a nice rogue-like metroidvania game with great remapping options. Below is the default input scheme.
Button configuration of Dead Cells (default)
It works but I felt the following modifications made for a better experience.

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Cash and Confidence

In the movie Wanted (2008), Wesley Gibson is a self-proclaimed loser who’s abused at work. He discovers he is an heir to superhuman abilities and a vast fortune. While it takes him time to come to terms with his powers, he is immediately affected by his bank balance. His financial struggles are over and he feels immense joy and relief. He finally grows a spine and tells his abusive boss off in front of the whole office (and quits)!
Protagonist sees bank account
Money is power. But power is not always active; it can be passive. As artfully depicted in Wanted, having money can grant confidence. Money can give you the necessary backbone to stand up to various obstacles.

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